Moray Macdonald

Moray against the Bristol skyline

Moray Macdonald is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His output spans classical, electronica and ambient, with influences from his background in rock and progressive music.

From traditional forms to more experimental work he has written for film, theatre and art installations in addition to releasing his own work. He has his own studio in Wiltshire but enjoys sketching ideas and making field recordings away from the screen.

Moray also works as a session musician on stage and in the studio.


Moray's original music can be found on BandCamp, and on all major streaming services. His latest release, an ambient EP titled Vibrations from the Shoreline, is out on 28th February. Inspired by and using sounds from the Cornish coastline, it continues the sonic landscape of dusty synth washes and subtle melodic lines blended with Moray's own field recordings, developed for his previous EP Four Perspectives.

He has also recently completed his Selected Transitions project, techno-inspired electronic music composed while travelling around Wiltshire and Somerset, with two new tracks are released every two months.


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