New site

After much to-ing and fro-ing I've decided to split this blog off from my music blog as for the most part there isn't a lot of overlap between music making and waffling about cool C# tricks.

So here I am in Ghost land. When I started thinking about this blog the thought of going back to WordPress was almost enough for me to pack the idea in completely. A brief bit of Googling however brought me to Ghost, and I'm very glad it did. The layout is clean, there are no distractions when posting, the settings menus are sparse but powerful and writing posts in Markdown is delightfully simple. It Just Works. This must be how Apple users feel!

Admittedly the plugin ecosystem isn't nearly so well developed but given how powerful Markdown is, I can't see myself needing them any time soon. My only complaint is that as it's relatively new there aren't nearly as many hosting packages available as there are for WordPress. At the moment I'm with TSO Host, who offer a very competitive hosting deal, and are UK based too, always a plus.

So, let's see where this goes!